E dwarfing of some mammals bme12 variations in mammalian teeth and skeletons show a definite direction very early australian placental mammals eurasian apes as ancestors of the great apes (and humans) aquatic sloths evolution of cetacean osmoregulation evolution of giraffe necks bipedal apes (before humans) bmf bodily functions bmf1   water-breathing in mammals bmf2   remarkable adaptations in diving mammals bmf3   oddities of digestion bmf4   perpetual growth in mammals bmf5   limb generation in mammals bmf6 anomalies of hibernation in monotremes bmf7   the "winter sleep" of bears bmf8   freeze-avoidance in hibernating mammals bmf9   cold-blooded mammals (poikilotherms) bmf10 transmission to progeny of adaptations induced by low temperature bmf11 inheritance of the effects of rotation bmf12 male lactation bmf13 asymmetry in the function of mammary glands bmf14 pressurized, sealed suckling systems bmf15 the ability of one mammal to control the sexual functions of another bmf16 correlation of primate menstruation with lunar phase bmf17 the delayed-birth phenomenon bmf18 polymorphic sperm in mammals bmf19 pregnancy rates correlated with lunar phase bmf20 maternal impressions in mammals bmf21 weeping in mammals bmf22 sleeplessness in mammals bmf23 curious types of sleep bmf24 rem sleep in mammals bmf25 big-bang reproduction (semelparity) in mammals bmf26 unusual deaths of mammals bmf27 longevity increased by radiation and hunger sperm competition ear regeneration bmg genetics bmg1   discordances between phylogenies established from visible traits and biochemistry bmg2   closely related mammals with different chromosome numbers bmg3   evolution rates that are much higher than predicted from genetics bmg4   unexplained rapid evolution in inbred mice bmg5   species with cells containing "alien" mitochondria bmg6   paternal mitochondrial dna can be inherited in mammals bmg7   functions of "knocked-out" genes not completely lost bmg8   armadillo "identical" quadruplets are not early deaths of clones oliver is a chimp dna in food enters cells of the eaters rabbits surprisingly closely related to primates guinea pigs are not rodents mammals coexisted with dinosaurs epigenetic inheritance in mice bmi internal systems and structures bmi1   inheritance of acquired immunological tolerance bmi2   immunity to rattlesnake venom bmi3   tropical mammals with thick subcutaneous fat bmi4   curiosities of mammalian urogenital systems bmi5   reversal of viscera bmi6   fundamental differences between micro- and megabat neural pathways bmi7   evolution without associated increases in the complexity of vertebral columns bmi8   magnetite in mammals remarkable dolphin heat exchangers infant marsu. viagra drug interactions flomax viagra jelly 20 mpg buy viagra overnight delivery viagra for sale viagra viagra prices buy generic viagra online buy viagra largest safe dose viagra buy viagra online POPOMOMO