Icd9cm: release of chordee (64. is 5 mg of viagra effective buy viagra without prescription 42); unspecified disorder of penis (607. viagra pills viagra generics safety 9) msh: penile diseases; penile erection; urogenital abnormalities mth: penile diseases snomedct: congenital lateral curvature of penis (111336005); disorder of penis (33958003); genitourinary congenital anomalies (287085006); penile erection (60704006); release of chordee (176560005) hide... order viagra viagra no prescription View all guideline summaries by the developer(s): european association of urology; european society for paediatric urology view the original (full text) guideline (2 pages) back to top scope disease/condition(s) congenital penile curvature guideline category diagnosis treatment clinical specialty pediatrics surgery urology intended users physicians guideline objective(s) to outline a practical and preliminary approach to paediatric urological problems to increase the quality of care for children with urological problems target population children and adolescents with congenital curvature of the penis interventions and practices considered diagnosis artificial erection treatment surgery chordee release short urethral plate cut plication of corpora cavernosa (orthoplasty) corporoplasty with or without corporotomy major outcomes considered satisfactory sexual intercourse in adults back to top methodology methods used to collect/select the evidence searches of electronic databases description of methods used to collect/select the evidence the guidelines were based on current literature following a systematic review using medline. generic viagra without prescription cheap viagra overnight Number of source documents not stated methods used to assess the quality and strength of the evidence weighting according to a rating scheme (scheme given) rating scheme for the strength of the evidence levels of evidence 1a evidence obtained from meta-analysis of randomized trials 1b evidence obtained from at least one randomized trial 2a evidence obtained from at least one well-designed controlled study without randomization 2b evidence obtained from at least one other type of well-designed quasi-experimental study 3 evidence obtained from well-designed non-experimental studies, such as comparative studies, correlation studies and case reports 4 evidence obtained from expert committee reports or opinions or clin. viagra daily 2.5 mg is 5 mg of viagra effective POPOMOMO