Defined by epsav values and prostate biopsy results, along with sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. Full table (6k) the results of investigating psav consistency are given in table 5. Of all subsequent psavs 95–98% fell within the 0. generic viagra review forums 2 limits, suggesting that our epsav calculation was consistent over time. Table 5 - percentage of patients whose subsequent psavs (slopes of change from first psa level to third, to fourth,... , to tenth, standardized to change per year) fell within 0. 2 of initial psav. Full table (9k) another question was whether or not age was a factor in the prediction of later psa rise by epsav. generic viagra review forums The correlation coefficient of epsav with age was 0. generic viagra review forums 004. viagra for sale Thus, age did not interfere with the ability of epsav to predict later psa rises. All the statistical methods used in this paper may be found in riffenburgh, 11 and most may be found in any thorough statistical methods book. Top of page discussion our data show that determination of an early psav, while men still have normal psa levels, is helpful in identifying those men who will eventually develop an abnormal psa level. It also suggests that a high epsav value in men with psa level less than 10 ng/ml might be useful in the early identification of men who will eventually progress to higher psa levels (>10 ng/ml). Statistical analysis showed that the association between the epsav and later psa rise was highly significant for both psa cut-off points (psa of 4 or 10 ng/ml). Using the threshold of psa=4 ng/ml, median epsav was negligible (0. 02 ng/ ml/y) for patients not reaching this level, but significantly larger (0. 13 ng/ml/y) for those who eventually did. The findings were similar for the psa=10 ng/ml threshold. viagra safe long term use Thus, early psav is an effective discriminator between patients whose later psa rises, vs does not rise, to potentially pathological levels for any reasonable psa cut-off point. Most previous investigations suggest that psav is accurate only if calculated using at least three psa measurements obtained over an extended period of time. This recommendation is based primarily on the short-term variability of psa levels. buy viagra online In men without prostate cancer, carter et al noted significant within-individual psa variability when sampled at 3 and 6 month intervals. 8 in men with mean psa levels of 2. 8 ng/ml in that study, repeat psa measurements varied up or down by 1. lowest cost viagra generic 3–1. 4 ng/ml. In another more recent study, long-term psa variation was investigated in a large screening population of men without prostate cancer. price of viagra uk 9. POPOMOMO