In 2008 I founded POPOMOMO to solve problems I saw in the fashion industry.

Popomomo believed that sustainability is an important function and purpose of design.

All pieces were designed & made of sustainable materials in Los Angeles. Popomomo was at the forefront of working with new sustainable fabrics and techniques.

Popomomo saw fast-fashion as being wasteful & non- productive: speeding up the fashion cycle for profit, not innovation.

Popomomo stands for post-postmodern movement, the idea that newly created objects should strive to be truly new and unique. Popomomo's line plans were tight and without excess: the line was the antithesis of disposable fashion.

Popomomo loved women and women that love themselves.

Popomomo silhouettes juxtaposed relaxed silhouettes with fitted areas or cutouts, Popomomo shapes created a tension that every wearer controlled. I'm really proud that Popomomo fit and flattered a variety of body types and sizes.

Popomomo knew creative inspiration didn't have to come with a luxury label price tag.

Popomomo drew varied inspiration from the world around us, but came to be very inspired by my adopted hometown of Los Angeles. The line's directional inspirations resulted in beautiful prints and forward looking silhouettes.

In early 2013 I decided to end my experiment, for a variety of reasons both personal and professional.

Since then, I've been working primarily as a Creative Director for fashion lines. I also have been lucky to get to try my hand at two things I've always wanted to do: re-designing a restaurant (Sqirl, in Silverlake), and designing costumes for an upcoming feature film (Grey House). I still live in LA.

Thanks for stopping by the site.

Lizz Wasserman